Last month, I was assigned to participate in a workshop held in Jakarta. The news came to me via chat, and I need to attend the workshop not only once, but twice at 1-week intervals only. To be honest, the last time I visited Jakarta was in 2016, and I never traveled by airplane since 2019. These records make me super anxious, not to mention that the Omicron cases had been spread in Jakarta. Yet, the task was the task, and I was relieved that I did not need to travel alone.

On my first visit, I had a short experience visiting the National Monument (Monas) from afar and the National Library (Perpustakaan Nasional) to have some photographs and a good skyline view. The hotel where I stayed is located at Gambir, which is very close to those sites. The Perpusnas is the biggest library that I have ever seen. Each floor contained diverse collection, both books, and multimedia.

The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia
The skyline view from the 24th floor of the national library building. So many visitors came to this place for this view.

I also enjoyed a good stay and food at the Mercure Jakarta Sabang Hotel.

On my second visit, I had a more diverse experience. I stayed at Century Park Hotel which is very close to the Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) sports complex and several well-known destinations in Senayan. My friend and I tried MRT, from Senayan MRT station to Bundaran HI. To take MRT, you need to purchase the card which can be used anytime (no expiring date). The card fee was IDR 25,000. Then, you need to top up the card so you can use it. We agreed to top up the card with IDR 20,000 credits, which is enough to take us to Bundaran HI and back to Senayan MRT station. The credit will be automatically reduced once you leave the station.

The shoot that I took when we were about to take the MRT
The iconic Bundaran HI with the welcoming monument (Tugu Selamat Datang)
Plaza Indonesia

Then, we visited fx Sudirman, a shopping center in the Senayan area, to get some foods for dinner. The next day, I accompanied my friend to meet her school friends at Grand Indonesia mall. The mall was very big (just like its name). I did not realize why it was so crowded until I realized that it was Saturday night. We had dinner at Popolamama, a restaurant which is well-known for its Italian food. I ordered pizza wrap which was very delicious and fulfilling.

Pizza Wrap at Popolamama Restaurant

On the day before I went back to Padang, I visited the Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) complex for short jogging and taking photographs.

The foods at the hotel were diverse. They provide healthy options as well. At the Century Park hotel restaurant, I saw people come back from the GBK in sporty attire and had their sips of juice, a plate of fruits, and a bowl of yogurt. There were Indonesian foods, Asian foods, and western foods as well.

During this pandemic, it is best to stay at home to minimize the possibility of transmission. However, sometimes travel is inevitable in certain cases. I really hope that the condition gets better and the offline meeting needs to be postponed. In case you need to travel by airplane, you need to get a minimum of 1 dose of vaccination and took a PCR test prior to departure. Meanwhile, people who already got two doses of vaccination could take a rapid antigen tests (24 hours prior to departure). The passengers need to install PeduliLindungi app on their phones, since it will be used to record the results of PCR/antigen test, eHAC (electronic Health Alert Card), and scanning QR codes prior to visiting places at the destination.

Featured image is taken from Pexels.

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