Yesterday is the day when I learned the meaning of destiny.

It was a nice morning when I was supposed to go early to the faculty building. I had a comprehensive exam schedule at 10.30 AM, so I should leave no later than 9.30 AM. Instead of leaving my rented room at 8 AM or 9 AM, I managed to be ready on few minutes past 9.30 AM. My sister who left earlier asked me to put her clothes in the laundry before I went to uni. But, the laundry place was closed. I called the owner from outside but no answer. I decided to bring back the two bags of clothes to my room and walked fast to take a shared taxi.

The journey was quite smooth. At 10.15, a student messaged me through WhatsApp, and asked about my position. I was a bit anxious because I thought I would be the latest person in the exam room. I managed to arrive at the faculty building at 10.24 AM and rushed to the room. I took the lift just to make sure I could come faster without excessive sweat and panting.

When I arrived in front of the room, the student was delighted. Apparently, I was the first examiner who came. A few minutes later, the other two examiners also joined us. However, the examination could not be conducted because the minimum required number of examiners was not met. The student was asked to tell the Academic Office to re-arrange the schedule. I knew that it was really hard for her- having your exam re-scheduled at the last minute is never easy.

After that, I proceed to the meeting room because I plan to join the accreditation meeting. It was full, the room was full, but I did not find my friends there. Suddenly, I was called by one of my seniors who asked me to replace her in a comprehensive exam. I, who was a bit confused, agreed to help her. When I entered the exam room, there were only three examiners there. That means this student had the perfectly same situation as the student whom I told you about in the earlier paragraph. However, she had more favorable results; the examination was not re-scheduled and she managed to pass the exam.

I stayed in my office until 3.30 PM and prepared to do Ashr prayer soon after that. I planned to go home to Bukittinggi with my sister and had ordered two tickets from a local travel agency. After finishing praying, I packed my belongings in my bag and ordered Go-car, a ride-hailing service. It was raining heavily outside and I failed to catch the car. More than fifteen minutes passed, and I was getting frustrated because there was no driver who accepted my request, even after repeating the ordering-canceling-reordering cycle. An idea came to my mind. I changed the destination point to a slightly closer point to my rented house. A driver accepted my order. I was really relieved, but anxious at the same time because it was already 4.18 PM, meanwhile, I should arrive at the travel office at 5 PM.

Long story short, I negotiated with the driver to take me to the travel halfway to my original destination point. He agreed, even ignoring the destination point altogether. I also texted my sister to ask whether the travel could wait for a few more minutes. I only had a few minutes available to arrive slightly late. Alhamdulillah, despite those crucial moments and a couple of traffic lights, we could arrive safely, just in time, about 5.05 PM. In normal conditions, it was almost impossible to drive from my campus to the travel agency (14.2 km, some traffic jams in the afternoon, heavy rain, and several traffic lights) for around 40 minutes.

I was relieved and a bit emotional to realize that this was how destiny works. How easy for Allah to make something easy for you if He wills.


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