19 December 2017


I started my lecture session with a question. “Is any K-Popper here?”. The class suddenly filled with excitement. Some of students pointed on a student, who denied when later confirmed. I assumed that they are quite familiar with Korean pop culture, so I proceeded to the next question, “Do you guys know the news which happened yesterday?”. Surprisingly, many of them could answer the question correctly and confidently. We talked about Jonghyun death which was caused by carbon monoxide poisoning (apparently it was suicide case). Since it was Basic Pharmacology and Toxicology lecture, we discussed the toxicity mechanism of carbon monoxide, which inhibit the binding of oxygen to hemoglobin, thus reduce the oxygenation and respiration in body cells. Then, I talked about how to manage the poisoning case while incorporating mental health topic as it was really important for us to concern with.

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Being … uh, 23 Years Old?



I barely remembered that yesterday, I added one more year to my age (the accumulation of years passed since I was born). It’s a bit funny though because at that time, I was sitting in a mini bus which took me from Padang to Bukittinggi. Perhaps it’s because I have already anticipated that I should be 23 this year or I felt that I have already been 23 since several months ago, according to the Hijri Calendar.

However, let’s forget those reasons for a while.

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Reflecting on Religious Tolerance in Indonesia

Indonesian Muslims attend an Eid al-Adha


After reading recent news from US (and more recently, Canada), I found that some Indonesians challenge the majority (read: Muslims) of this country to be more tolerant. They thought that if non-Muslims in both of North American countries could stand up for Muslims, Indonesian Muslims should do so, instead of just whining and playing as victims.

When I found some tweets addressing this issue, I gasped. I felt that they could make situation worse by stating their opinions in cynical tone. Thus, as an Indonesian Muslim, I have something to tell to you, dear readers. Based on the topic, I would like to focus on religious tolerance in Islam and the situations regarding that issue in Indonesia.

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2016 Movie Recap


I have written my book recap of 2016 here (although it is a bit rough and I planned to make a new one), so I decide to write a recap for movies that I have watched this year. Like what I have experienced with my books, I also tried to go out of my comfort zone. Usually I am only interested in Indonesian, Japanese, and UK/US movies, but not long ago, I watched German and Norway movies also.

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