Reflecting on Religious Tolerance in Indonesia

Indonesian Muslims attend an Eid al-Adha


After reading recent news from US (and more recently, Canada), I found that some Indonesians challenge the majority (read: Muslims) of this country to be more tolerant. They thought that if non-Muslims in both of North American countries could stand up for Muslims, Indonesian Muslims should do so, instead of just whining and playing as victims.

When I found some tweets addressing this issue, I gasped. I felt that they could make situation worse by stating their opinions in cynical tone. Thus, as an Indonesian Muslim, I have something to tell to you, dear readers. Based on the topic, I would like to focus on religious tolerance in Islam and the situations regarding that issue in Indonesia.

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Why (Just) Being A Good Citizen Is Not Enough


I just scrolled over my Twitter timeline two days ago and found that some people talked about an Facebook status written by a high school girl (which turned out to be viral). She talked about current phenomena in Indonesia. To put it short, the political situation in this country is quite heated up, and she expressed her opinion addressing that issue, while making a clever comparison of a government and a family. She also stressed the importance of making ourselves better before asking too much and (only) relying on the government. I agreed with several points which she had elaborated in her status, yet I disagreed in other points. One of them is the importance of a good government in a country (without belittling the role of good citizens). These points below is written based on my thoughts and observations only, so please correct me if I made a mistake.

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EF#31- Undervalued vs Overvalued



I tend to agree that certain workers like nurses, doctors, and teachers are undervalued, especially when entertainers are paid huge sums of money that are out of proportion to the importance of work that they do. Nurses and doctors are responsible for maintaining people’s health, while teachers are responsible in teaching and educating their students. Their jobs are important to everyone – I mean, who does not need any health professionals and teachers in his/her life? Furthermore, in fulfilling their duty, nurses, doctors, and teachers often serve people who live in remote areas. In those areas, sometimes they cannot find electricity and phone signals, even plague and certain security threats haunt their lives. Yet, they do their job professionally without complaining.

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