EF#31- Undervalued vs Overvalued




I tend to agree that certain workers like nurses, doctors, and teachers are undervalued, especially when entertainers are paid huge sums of money that are out of proportion to the importance of work that they do. Nurses and doctors are responsible for maintaining people’s health, while teachers are responsible in teaching and educating their students. Their jobs are important to everyone – I mean, who does not need any health professionals and teachers in his/her life? Furthermore, in fulfilling their duty, nurses, doctors, and teachers often serve people who live in remote areas. In those areas, sometimes they cannot find electricity and phone signals, even plague and certain security threats haunt their lives. Yet, they do their job professionally without complaining.

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EF#30 – If I managed my time better…



Suddenly I remembered that I had written something about my wildest dream 10 months ago. If I am not mistaken, my dream is having my own learning portal. I had prepared everything since, such as creating new e-mail account, new WordPress account, trying to access my SkyDrive, and many else. Continue reading “EF#30 – If I managed my time better…”

EF#19 – Eight Minarets of Fire Ocean



On November 2012, we, eight students from Faculty of Pharmacy University of Andalas were delegated to participate in PCE (Patient Counseling Event) which was held in ITB. Three of us registered in advanced category, while the rest were in beginner. Although we hoped that at least one of us would bring satisfying result, it turned that none of us who succeeded. Thus, we just travelling around Bandung instead.
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[BEC Giveaway] CommaWiki Competition


Otw. (c.) being in bathroom, will arrive in an hour until two hours later. An example of CommaWiki. Taken from here.



CommaWiki was invented by an Indonesian, named Putu Aditya. He created a unique kind of meme, which contains a picture as its background with several words that define a certain word. The definition is stylized like dictionary, including word classes in it.

Inspired by his innovation, I would like to hold CommaWiki competition monthly. Why? Because CommaWiki may help us to memorize vocabularies better and competition will increase our creativity. I will propose different theme each month. Every member can submit one CommaWiki. Each submission will be voted by all members. There will be prizes for the winner, of course.


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