Writing 101: Size Matters (in Sentences)

A rough sketch of our house. Not very accurate, though.

A Tale of Our House


Eight years ago, when I was a 12 year-old kid, I lived with my parents, my sister, and my grandma in a house. The house was adjacent to the main road. Its outer wall painted with pink, while the inner wall mainly painted with yellow.

Our house was lower than the road because the government kept increasing the road level. We had small garden front of the house because of the government widened the road for many times. I wished for a bigger space in front of our house so I could play badminton or just walk around the garden. Yet, I was quite happy because in that garden, we had several trees and flower plants. I could spend my leisure time by sitting on the couch at the terrace while looking at those plants.

We had a wide living room and small bedrooms. As a teenager, I would like to have more space for myself, so the small bedroom sometimes became my concern. I was envy with large bedrooms which I could see on TV or magazines. However, there was nothing that I could do. At least, small bedroom made me spent more times with my family in the living room. We could talking while eating snacks or drinking tea at the afternoon.

Some circumstances forced us to renovate the house years later. The low level of our house made it prone to flood. The house layout changed drastically. Now, we have bigger bedrooms and a smaller living room. But, I do not want to be a shut in child who only spend most of the time in my bedroom. Getting my privacy does not mean forgetting to talk with my family, does it?


6 thoughts on “Writing 101: Size Matters (in Sentences)

  1. I think your house is very beautiful, Mi :hehe.
    Yes, being private doesn’t mean forget to socialize with our family. In fact, when I am in my hometown home, I rarely be in my bedroom, because I will spend much time chatting and gossiping with my family :haha.
    Could you explain to me why the title is “Size Matters”?

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    1. Thank you, Bli. That’s great to do, talking with family.

      The Size Matters in Sentence means that we need to combine short, medium, and long sentence in a paragraph. That way will make the writing more alive than a paragraph which consists of seven words (or more, or less) per sentences. 🙂

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