EF#4 – Translation Jelly


Grab A Tool From Doraemon’s Magic Pocket!


Humans use language as their system of communication. Different with  bees, for example, which use the same ‘language’ no matter where they live, we do not communicate in the same language. People in different countries speaks different languages. Even Indonesian have their own regional languages, such as Javanese, Minangese, Sundanese, etc. I cannot imagine how many languages that are existing in the world. It will be a huge number if we count it, right?

Ludwig Wittgtenstein said, “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”. His quote inspires me to learn various languages, in order to be a polyglot, a person who masters multiple languages. By being a polyglot, I can comprehend what other people say in their native language. The person whom I speak to does not need to force him/herself to speak in my language or in English, the international language. We do not need to use random gestures to communicate. No more barrier to express our thoughts and feeling. When I go abroad, I don’t need to be afraid of communicating with foreign people. If something happens, I can ask for help to the people in that country in their native language. Not only socially advantageous, mastering languages also helps me to expand my range of knowledge. To get some new informations, I can access many sources, not only in Indonesian or English, but also in other languages.

Being a polyglot is not impossible. Do you know Agus Salim, an Indonesian national hero, or Gayatri Wailissa, an Ambonese girl who mastered 14 languages? They were both well-known polyglot from Indonesia. I am sure that other than them, there are some (or many) Indonesian polyglots that we may not know. The key is having adequate time and strong determination because learning languages is time-consuming and quite difficult, depends on what language which we want to learn. Do not have enough money to take a language course? Learning languages is not necessarily expensive; we can use free resources from library or internet and have our friends as learning partners.

My native language is Minangese and Indonesian. As for foreign languages, I can understand and speak English quite well. Other languages that I had learned are Arabic, Japanese, and German, yet I master none of them. I still have a long way to go to be a polyglot. It cannot be helped, since I cannot manage my time to learn languages. Besides that, my determination is not strong enough to learn languages patiently and consistently.

However, if I can grab a Translation Jelly (hon’yaku konnyaku) from Doraemon’s magic pocket, being a polyglot is no longer a dream. All I have to do is chewing and swallowing the jelly. After my stomach ingests it, voila! I can understand and speak any language that I want. Arabic, German, or Japanese? No problem! Even Russian with its Cyrilic alphabets or Sansekerta? It will be as easy as snapping my fingers. I will work as a translator or an interpreter in various international events. Being an ambassador will be possible since I have an excellent language skill. What a convenient life!

Still, the duration of effect is unknown. How much jelly that I need to make the effect lasts forever? Thousands? Or maybe, millions? Doraemon will be angry to me because I depend on him like what Nobita did.

Doraemon does not exist in the real world. That is the most important thing that I should remember. Thus, I will start learning and get my language skill polished by practicing it continuously, not by wishing a magic tool to a fictive cat robot :).

33 thoughts on “EF#4 – Translation Jelly

  1. I was too, very eager in learning languages. When I was high school, I fell in love with spanish but there was rarely any place that provide the course. So, I bought a book about spanish, and failed to master it because I got no company from anyone 😦 One thing I know, the most essential part in learning languages is practice often 🙂


    1. Wow, Spanish? That’s cool! I like how Spanish express themselves in their language :).
      Yes, I agree with you, Mba. Practicing and finding learning partners are both essential in learning language.


  2. Yes, we should start learning those languages now :huhu
    Ah, but if we have some translation konjacs, are we still wanting to learn foreign languages, or will we rely on konjacs only?
    Comprehensively written. Good job, Ami-san. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that’s true. I doubt that, actually. If we have some translation konjacs, we may be not interested anymore in learning foreign languages 😉

      Thanks, Gara-san 🙂


  3. Ami a lot of people must really be into this translation jelly! Both Dani and you chose the same thing. I like the fact that we can make a career out of it right of the bat. I am going to check out that Gayatri girl.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right, Mba Mikan. Other members, including Mas Dani, also wrote about translation jelly :).

      I feel a bit disappointed actually, Mba, since my ideas for the first two post was quite different with others, but I could not think of any other idea, so I chose translation jelly right from the start :).

      Unfortunately, like what Kak Nita said, she passed away last year 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think there’s anything to be disappointed about, Ami. It’s the writing exercise that counts, not the idea 🙂 I was just commenting on how popular the translation jelly was. Great effort on the post!

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      2. Thanks a lot, Mba Mikan 🙂 Actually it was a feeling that made me said ‘so I am not the only one’, but it was not a great deal. I doubt that ‘disappointed’ is the right word to describe it (because of my limited vocabulary). But, yes, until this topic, I was too focused on the idea :). Thanks to your comment, now I know the real purpose of English Friday 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Mas (is it okay to call you Mas Umami or do you have any other preference? 🙂 ). So many things that I have to learn, so…. I am not that good in English :D.

      I am glad because this post is useful to you, so you didn’t waste your time to read it :). Thanks a lot :).


  4. I’ve been choosing Jelly translator as well, because its the tool that i really need at the moment.. Hope Doraemon would grant my wish.. *dreamin’. #salamkenalAmi.. ^_^


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